Pawnee - Parks + Recreation
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Pawnee - Parks + Recreation

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A2 sized greeting card (comes with envelope), 8X10 print, or 11X14 print of Pawnee. With such tiny details of course the bigger the better but do you have a crazed Parks + Recreation fan in your life? A greeting card of Pawnee would be perfect to send them! The illustration includes original illustrations of Pawnee City Hall, a scene from Ben + Leslie's wedding, the Dangerous Pit from the pilot, Snakehole Lounge, JJ's Diner, Ron Swanson, Food + Stuff, the Bulge, the Glitter Factory, a Mouse Rat tee-shirt, the Li'l Sebastian Memorial, Knope 2012, waffles, the Entertainment Twenty logo, Treat yo self cupcakes, the Pawnee welcome sign - when you're here then you're home! 

Tea Towel: Our tea (flour) towels are 27" X 27" square (a REALLY good size!), 130 thread count, + hemmed on all four sides. They are pre-washed to avoid shrinking and can be both washed and dried. Note: washing on high heat can lead to shrinking so we suggest cold water. They are very absorbent, breathable, can be used for cleaning, or just for decoration hanging on your stove or sink. You can look at our other available tea towels to get an idea of what they will look like but they will include the same illustration you see here of Pawnee. 

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