An Open Love Letter/About Me

Greetings! Welcome to Lane Paper Works!

My name is Sydney Lane Ravary, I am the founder and creative director of Lane Paper Works. This is more or less an open love letter to you all, I hope you can take the time to read this informal addressing.

I have always been a planner in practice, yet I have continuously found that some of the most exciting aspects of my life have happened by mere coincidence. I was born into the family I love without any consent and I met my Canadian husband over Skype. I had planned to go to one college yet found myself at another.

These past seven years has been no exception to that observation. What started as a long time obsession with snail mail and cats (and now possums!!), strung into a hobby of designing greeting cards and I now find myself working from home in between caring for our daughter, Elouise, doing what I love every single day. It brings me more joy than anyone could know, having people entrust me in illustrating the most important facets of their life - it fills me with such joy and pride.

This business has taken off so fast and spread to so many unexpected places; it’s not every day that I can sit down to reflect over what has happened. So, with all my heart, thank you. I am only able to do this with your support and it means the world to me.

Love, Sydney Louise Lane Ravary – LPW + Charlie (our real happy smiley face mascot)