An Open Love Letter/About Me

Greetings! "Come Write In!" Welcome to Lane Paper Works!

My name is Sydney Lane, I am the founder and creative director of Lane Paper Works. This is more or less an open love letter to you all, I hope you can take the time to read this informal addressing.

I have always been a planner in practice, yet I have continuously found that some of the most exciting aspects of my life have happened by mere coincidence. I was born into the family I love without any consent and I met my Canadian boyfriend over Skype. I had planned to go to one college yet found myself at another.

This past year has been no exception to that observation. What started as a long time obsession with snail mail and cats, strung into a hobby of designing greeting cards and I now find myself going to work every morning in my home town – Tuesday to Saturday at my own brick & mortar where I can introduce those in the area to local artisans. It brings me more joy than anyone could know, having people entrust me in illustrating the most important facets of their life - it fills me with pride.

This business has taken off so fast and spread to so many unexpected places; it’s not every day that I can sit down to reflect over what has happened. So, with all my heart, thank you. I am only able to do this with your support and it means the world to me.

Love, Sydney L. Lane – LPW


Lane Paper Works is a local design business/brick & mortar founded in Chatham, Virginia on the idea of illustrating the whimsical and beautiful aspects of people's lives



Photos by Owen Kingsley Photography