"In this house - we will..." Manifesto Print
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"In this house - we will..." Manifesto Print

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An 11X14 print of a home manifesto written by Sydney. Hand lettered. 

In this house - 

We will be kind. 

We will be strong. 

We will dream big + dream often. 

We will not let the opinions of others affect us. 

We will always do our best + treat each other with the respect + love we deserve. 

We will inspire + be inspired. 

We will ask for help when it is needed. 

We will love ourselves. 

We will seek out wisdom. 

We will fiercely believe in ourselves + others 

- knowing that there is power in speaking good things into existence. 

We will work hard for the future we envision + strongly desire. 

We will nourish our bodies. 

We will practice self-discipline. 

We will forgive. 

We will lift each other up. 

We will fight against injustices we see + try to make the world a better place. 

We will take risks. 

We will compliment others. 

We will do the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing. 

We will listen to each other without judgement. 

We will apologize. 

We will be funny without ever being mean. 

We will randomly break out into dance. 

We will stop the comparisons because we know there is no joy in them. 

We will learn to say "no," when that is the best answer for us. 

We will be courageous. 

We will always have each other's back. 

We will love. 

*frame not included*

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